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A fresh look at the brand-new year

The new year brings new challenges, new opportunities, new hopes and fears.

Yes, even fear. Whatever you choose to call it — fear, anxiety, distress, worry, dread, panic — it’s a sense of foreboding you try to push back or away completely. Maybe you try to understand it. I’ve tried. Somehow I thought if I could analyze the sensation enough, it would somehow disappear. It hasn’t.

So I’ve realigned my fear. The feeling doesn’t need to vanish. I can choose to look at it differently. Assimilate it. Redefine it. Embrace it, if necessary. Transform it into positive energy to inspire change and movement. I’m choosing transformation.

New Year 7

It’s so long to the “what-ifs” and hello to new places, new people, new relationships, and renewed confidence and job opportunities. You were okay, 2014, but I’m moving on.

Here’s to 2015.